We make it easy to share your concept across oceans in real time.
We make your concept into a prototype you can see, feel and use.

Root cause failure analysis
Heat transfer
Heat transfer in electronic equipment

Hurricane rated design

Automated, menu driven 3D models and drawings
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  • Concept communication using virtual 3D models in online meetings
  • 3D Design and modeling using Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks
  • Solid model creation for rapid prototyping
  • Needs assessment and design criteria determination
  • Prototype design and design for manufacture
  • Menu driven 3D drawings to support sales and service
  • Stress analysis, failure analysis and risk assessment
  • International project management
  • Intellectual property technical analysis
  • Tooling fixture design
  • Technical writing

Machine design and fabrication for lab environments utilizing:
  • Programmable stepper motors
  • Networked PLCs
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Cryogenic systems
  • Pressure vessels
  • Pneumatics

Optimizing machines in critical environments
Stuctural design and project management

SPD resources are also available pro bono to non-profits and friends with fun engineering challenges, as long as the challenges are allowed by existing business agreements.

(We have so much fun with mechanical engineering that yes, on occasion, we do it for free).

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