Optimizing Critical Systems

When optimizing systems in critical environments such as nuclear and ethanol, it is important to know exactly what the equipment is doing, and what the people familiar with it perceive. Listening skills are key.

It is also helpful to set up systems that record motion and processes on a frequent basis, even at millisecond sampling rates. The process data and the motion of control elements can provide information needed to set mathematical parameters for optimal system response.  The use of data acquisition systems such as OSI PI can also make it possible to create real time production cost models, resulting in production choices that lead to significant savings.

Stevens Product Development personnel have engineering experience with machines in high security radioactive environments as well as  hazardous (class 1 division 1, class 2 division 1) environments. We also have experience in working safely at heights to 200’ above ground, as well as confined space entry and confined space rescue plan experience.